General terms and conditions for

Following describes the effective general terms & conditions (“Conditions”) in the contractual relationship (“Agreement”) between Hilfr Aps and you as a user of (“”). is a peer-to-peer platform, that connects individuals with the purpose of performing and receiving cleaning services. Individuals, performing cleaning services via are henceforth named “Hilfr”, while individuals receiving cleaning services are henceforth named “customer” (Hilfrs and customers are together designated as “users”). There are two types of Hilfrs: "Freelance Hilfrs" working as freelancers through the platform and set their own prices and "Super Hilfrs" that are employed by Hilfr Aps as set out in the collective agreement.

Hilfr Aps is under no circumstances an employer for Freelance Hilfrs and therefore disclaims all the employer responsibilities. Super Hilfrs are employees of Hilfr ApS, while this is not the case for other Hilfrs. Thus, Hilfr ApS is not liable for any damages caused by Freelance Hilfrs.


By use of, including its services and tools, you accept the at any time effective Conditions and the general principles for the use of websites etc. owned by our subsidiary company and partners. The Agreement becomes effective with regard to the users´ creation of an account on Hilfr. The Agreement can continuously be adjusted to the extent that appears from Conditions.

Services provides a platform at the users´ disposal where Hilfr facilitates the contact between individuals who perform and seek cleaning services.

The extent of the Conditions

Before you make use of, you must go over and approve the Conditions. Likewise, you must open and go over eventual documents that are linked to in the Conditions or elsewhere in regards to the creation of an account on, as you in the deployment of confirm and accept the effective terms and conditions, that apply to Hilfr.

Payment by amount drawn on you credit card

Hilfr Aps collaborates with the payment system Stripe that guarantees a safe handling of your money. The agreed amount is drawn from your account, once you and/or a Hilfr has approved a cleaning offer. Once the customer has approved that the performed cleaning lives up to his/her expectations, Stripe receives a notification and the amount is held in queue for payout. Stripe pays out to Hilfrs every 7th  day or less. If Hilfrs perform cleaning services in the meantime, the payment will be added to the previous payout and postponed further 7 days.

If a cleaning does not live up to the expectations of the customer, the customer can create a dispute. In case the customer and Hilfr are not able to internally solve the dispute, they can contact the support of, who thereby can resolve the dispute. Depending on the development of the process and the service, support can either choose to take the side of the customer or Hilfr in relation to the dispute and the amount will either be assigned to the customer or the Hilfr.

Payment cards and transactions

You can pay with credit card, Visa credit card, eCredit card, MasterCard, Visa and most other foreign payment cards on

If you pay with credit card, Visa credit card, MasterCard and Visa we reserve the amount on your card when you complete an order with your card. The amount is first withdrawn from your account the day the cleaning service is performed and approved by you as a customer.

Hilfrs and customers enter in agreements concerning the service offerings directly with each other. Hilfr Aps will at no point get access to your personal bank information.

Once the amount is drawn

Once money is drawn from your payment card you will be able to see it immediately on your bank account.

If you get a new payment card

If you get a new payment card you must register it on your dashboard on, which you will find under your account.


A customer can always choose to cancel an agreed cleaning service. As a Hilfr you can freely choose to allow a cancellation to take place respectively 12, 24 or 36 hours before the time for an agreed cleaning service. Cancellation after the expiration of a decided deadline for cancellation can be done conditional on a payment of a cancelation fee. A Hilfr can choose to give up a claim for a cancelation fee if for instance a new time for the cleaning service is agreed.


Tryg Insurance has in collaboration with Hilfr prepared an insurance that ensures financial safety to both the Hilfr and the customer. This insurance is composed by an accident insurance that covers personal injury for the Hilfr, as well as a property- and building insurance, that covers malicious damage and accidental damages for the customer.

In the case of a damage or loss, the conditions of insurance apply. You can find the conditions and the fact sheet here.

The insurance is mandatory and is settled as part of the service fee to Hilfr simultaneously with the payment of the agreed and accepted cleaning service.

Personal data policy

In order to use, we need the following information:

Name, address, phone number and e-mail.

We carry out the registration of this information with the purpose of being able to deliver the available services to you via The personal information is registered at Hilfr Aps and is filed for five years after which the information is deleted. When personal information is collected via our website, we ensure that this always takes place accordingly to the submission of your expressed consent, so that you are informed regarding precisely what information is collected and why.

The management and the employees of Hilfr Aps have access to the information that is registered about you. The one responsible for the data is Hilfr Aps. We do not file customer data encrypted. We do not transmit customer data encrypted.

As a registered at Hilfr Aps you always have the right to raise an objection against the registration. You also have the right to insight in what information that is registered about you. You have these rights due to the Danish Data Protection Act and application in relation to this is made to Hilfr Aps via e-mail

Protection of the private sphere

We neither sell, distribute or in any way pass on your personal information to a third party with the purpose of marketing without to the submission of your expressed consent. We use your information solely as described in the section "Personal data policy".

We view the protection of our users´ private sphere as an important fundamental principle. You can at any times get access to and change the information you have passed on to us and you can reject to receive certain types of communication from us.

Adjustment in the Conditions reserves the right to continuously perform adjustments in the Conditions. On you will always find the newest version of the Conditions. Adjustments to the Conditions are published on The adjusted version of the Conditions become effective on the date that is stated on the website. Your continuous use of constitutes your approval and accept of the new terms and conditions.


For all purchases and payments, fees or expenses connected with a service, will debit your payment card according to the agreed amount between a Hilfr and a customer. By use of authorize to can debit your payment card for such payments is given. No reimbursement or credit will be granted when´s services have been booked on a customer´s payment card unless after own opinion justifies recovery or credits to mitigating circumstances.

At we will aim to ensue the security of all payment cards and other personal information, however we decline all responsibility for damages that can result in information being passed on to third party. You accept with these terms and conditions to hold indemnified for eventual losses that could emerge as a consequence hereof. will use third party services to handle payment card information. For further information regarding this service, we ask you to contact and request information regarding´s payment supplier.


Hilfr Aps works relentlessly to ensure a correct functioning of our websites and offered services and to ensure that the users feel safe when using the services. In case that you observe problems, offensive content or breach of our policies, we kindly ask you to contact us via

We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or adjust our service and user accounts, forbid access to our websites and their content, services and tools, delay or remove hosted content and carry out technical and legal initiatives to keep users away from our websites, if we assume that these users cause problems or eventual claims for damages, offend third party´s intellectual property rights or violate the wording or morale behind our policies.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to give notice to quit unconfirmed user accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a certain time period as well as change or adjust, hereunder services and tools.


Should you contrary to expectations not be satisfied with the purchased services on you can direct your complaint to You must inform with photo documentation about your complaint within 24 hours after the service has been delivered, otherwise you will lose the right to invoke eventual losses.

Hilfr responsibility, limitation of liability and insurance

As a Hilfr you are responsible for performing the cleaning service to the customer´s satisfaction. Should this contrary to expectations not be the case and if Hilfr and customer are not able to find a satisfactory solution, Hilfr Aps will solve the situation. Hilfr Aps is under no circumstances responsible for the Hilfr’s eventual non-fulfilment of his/her obligations towards the customer. Hilfr ApS has taken out a property and building insurance that covers any damage in connection with a Hilfr's cleaning.

A Hilfr and customer are responsible according to the general rules of Danish law.

Hilfr Aps is responsible according to the general rules of Danish law and the prescribed limitations of liability and disclaims in these Conditions. Hilfr Aps is not responsible for indirect losses or consequential damages, which the customer, Hilfr or third party could suffer in relation to the use of, hereunder in cases of lacking access to as a consequence of it-problems or implementation of updates etc. Indirect losses and consequential damages refer to i.a., loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, loss of goodwill and loss of data.

Hilfr Aps´ accountability in every dispute is moreover in terms of value limited to a value equivalent to 50.000 kr.

All individuals created as Hilfrs on have guaranteed Hilfr Aps that they have an unblemished criminal record

Super Hilfr - liability, limitation of liability and insurance

Hilfr ApS is responsible for services provided by a Super Hilfr in accordance with the general rules of Danish law on employer liability with the limitations and exceptions that follow from the Terms.

Hilfr ApS 'liability for Super Hilfrs is limited to a maximum of DKK 50,000 per dispute. A customer can only raise claims against Hilfr ApS and thus not against Hilfr ApS 'employees, including Super Hilfrs. Hilfr ApS is not responsible for indirect losses or consequential damages.

Hilfr ApS is liability insured with Tryg.


It is a key condition for the use of that you pay the taxes that you are required to, as a Hilfr. You can read more about the rules for payment of taxes via this link:

By breaking the fiscal rules Hilfr Aps can unilaterally decide to close down a user account and forbid every future use of

Hilfr Aps is not responsible for Hilfrs and customers´ payment of Taxes, application of fiscal deductions etc.

Invalidity clause

In the case that a term in the Conditions should prove to be invalid or moreover is not able to be completed, the term will be deleted from the Conditions, while the remaining terms continuously apply.

Applicable law and venue

The Agreement, hereunder these Conditions, is subject to Danish law. All transactions between Hilfr Aps and its users, hereunder the use of, are considered to be executed in Denmark. All contracts are in Danish. Every dispute must be settles by the courts of Denmark.

When you registrate as a user on you approve and give consent to Hilfr, that Hilfr forwards information to the relevant Danish tax authorities. You are see/cf danish current legislation required to report your taxable income. The Danish authorities can control that this reporting has occured in due. Hilfr Aps abdicates all responsibility for any missing tax payment and collaborates with the Central Tax Administration to ensure lawful tax payment from the Hilfrs on the platform.