made easy

Book cleaning in less than 2 minutes.

How does Hilfr work?

At Hilfr it is easy and fast to find stabile cleaning help, so you can have more time in your life. Getting started is quick, you can get fixed deals at a low price, and we have no binding period on subscriptions.

  • 1. Find a Hilfr

    Use the search function to find a Hilfr that fits your needs.

  • 2. Before the cleaning

    Create a to-do list for your Hilfr and set up cleaners and equipment.

  • 3. Welcome your Hilfr

    Make sure you welcome your Hilfr and go through the cleaning together.

  • 4. Return to a clean home

    Log in, press conclude at booking and give your Hilfr your recommendation.

Worth to know about Hilfr

Yes, it’s true! When you booking cleaning via Hilfr you’re able to use your "servicefradrag" and deduct 26% of your cleaning bill via

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