Cleaning prices

At Hilfr, the cleaning assistants set their own hourly rates. We call them Hilfrs, and there are two types: Super Hilfrs and Freelance Hilfrs.

Whichever you choose, charges the lowest fee and has the best working conditions.

If you choose a Super Hilfr, you will get the cheapest cleaning by organized agreement in Denmark.

Joachim Freelance Hilfr

The price conscious choice }} Manages own accounting Get service deduction with the Hilfrs CPR number

Freelance Hilfrs set their hourly rate independently of

Price example Joachim has set his hourly rate to 130 kr. per hour.

Base pay 325,00 kr.
Wellfare contribution 50,00 kr.
Fee for 56,25 kr.
Insurance and VAT 34,10 kr.
Total 465,35 kr.
Total after tax deduction 344,35 kr.

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Super Hilfr price distribution

The example is based on a booking with a Super Hilfr, with an hourly wage of DKK 141.50 / hour, with a duration of 2 hours.

67% for your Hilfr 33% to VAT, and insurance

Because price matters

At Hilfr, we believe that the person doing the work must get the biggest slice. That is why we also have the lowest fees in Denmark, where we are, for example, 15% below our closest competitor.

We have also entered an agreement with 3F, which means that you get Denmark’s cheapest cleaning by organized agreement when you book a Super Hilfr.

Whether you choose Super Hilfr or Freelance Hilfr, you will not find better and cheaper cleaning in proper conditions than with Hilfr.

15% lower fee
Lower price Better conditions